trade in program attLooking to pick up a new phone from AT&T but looking to keep the spending down as well? Well, you’re in luck as AT&T has announced that they will be giving customers $100 in credit if they were to trade in their old phones or tablets, credit which according to AT&T, can be used towards the purchase of products or services provided by AT&T, or for those a bit charitable, the $100 can also be donated to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program.

In order to qualify for the deal, you basically need to bring in your old smartphone or tablet which isn’t older than 3 years, and it should be in relatively good working condition. We expect that AT&T reps will be on hand to appraise your device before giving you credit, so we’ll let them figure it out. Interestingly it seems that according to AT&T’s press release, the carrier will be giving at least $100 in credit, meaning that at the bare minimum, you will be able to get $100 to your next purchase, while some devices could in theory net you more.

In any case head on over to AT&T’s website to read the press release and its terms and conditions in its entirety if you want to know more.

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