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I’m sure many of you have already heard the devastating news of a tornado that hit Oklahoma City on Monday, racking up a body count of 91, apart from severely damaging government infrastructure and resident’s homes. According to various media outlets, the storm system was about a mile wide and also affected surrounding parts of Oklahoma City. In times of such natural disasters, people frantically try to reach out to their loved ones and inform or inquire about their well being. AT&T has announced its support for the victims, saying that no overage fees for data, voice or text will be charged to those in the affected areas.

It is certainly a nice gesture on AT&T’s part, the last thing that tornado victims would want to worry about right now would be extra charges on their phone bills. State president for AT&T Oklahoma, Bryan Gonterman recommended that people use text messaging more than voice calls so that high call volumes don’t hold up voice communications entirely. This exemption will remain in effect for all tornado affected areas till the 30th of June.

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