Candles help to set the mood, especially in a romantic settings, so the fact that people usually the dim the lights before lighting candles, a self-lighting candle with a dimmer switch does seem a little redundant, but at the same time being tech-lovers ourselves, we wouldn’t say no to having one of these bad boys in our homes! Designed by Zelf Koelman, his invention basically has the ability to not only automatically light up candles, but will actually come with a dimmer switch to adjust the amount of candles that are being lit.

So what about candles that are out of wax? Well what his invention does is that it weighs the candles being placed on it, and if it detects that a particular candle is too light, possibly out of wax, it will then not light it up. However it will also be able to detect when a new candle has been placed on it and will light that instead. The dimmer switch is also not exactly a dimmer switch. It basically sets how many candles should be lighted up at once, and will actually extinguish some candles if the “dimmer” is lowered. Pretty cool, huh?

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