beamcasterBeamcaster might sound like a torture device – heck, even the image of it looks like one as you can see above, but what it does is the exact opposite, and some might even go so far as to say that this is capable of doing its bit for world peace. The Beamcaster was developed by the folks over at RiT Wireless, where this new kind of technology will bridge the gaps in cabling and Wi-Fi, working together “as a team”, so to speak, with either of these in order to deliver a fast and flexible solution. The Beamcaster will get to work by distributing beams of light that will result in the creation of wireless networks thanks to an optical distribution unit that is mounted on the ceiling, where it is accompanied by eight smart outlets that can then be placed within an 18 feet radius.

All laser beams will be directed through the air, delivering data to receivers, which in turn connects directly to Ethernet ports or a Wi-Fi router. The point to point Line of Sight (LOS) optical network would do away with cables that are found in standard wireless connections, now how about that? Thing is, you will not see a fast adoption rate of the Beamcaster because it will cost from $7,000 onwards for the main unit and eight smart outlets, delivering 1Gbps of bandwidth. Those who want a unit that offers 100Gbps will have to wait until later this year, and prepare a whopping $12,000 along the way.

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