bemooveWould you like to get around in a mode of transport that looks like the above? What your eyes see would be the Bemoove concept car, which is the brainchild of Italian designer Andrea Filogonio who came up with this special design just for the city folks. How the heck do you get in, you ask? Well, there is a small hatch that functions as an entrance to the inflatable cabin, which will sport a special spherical shape that paves the road for unobstructed 360-degree views. Definitely great for the passengers, and the driver too, would have a greater degree of visibility, although it might prove to be distracting as well since you have more time to check out that cutie walking down the street.

As for the tricycle component, it is made out of carbon fiber, where individual wheels will sport an electric engine that will rotate the frame-embedded Kevlar belt tires. It looks like the ideal intra-city ride to get around with, although between this and a Ferrari, the latter would certainly win more stares at the end of the day. When will this concept be realized? Who knows? This Renault concept car looks closer to production than the Bemoove for what it is worth.

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