Black Ops II Uprising Now Available

uprisingThere is nothing quite like adding more legs into a particular game by having a riveting franchise alongside more downloadable content (DLC), as with the case of Black Ops II Uprising which has been available since yesterday. Call of Duty players know that second chances might not come about too often in real life, but in the virtual world, all they need to do is press the Square button to respawn. Uprising, the second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, has just been made available on the PlayStation Network, and it will boast a quartet.of new maps for some multiplayer mayhem.

Vertigo will place you at the top of a Tacitus mega-structure which actually breaks the cloud layer due to its insane height, while Magma happens to be a tiny Japanese village on the verge of destruction which has been engulfed by the lava of a nearby erupting volcano. As for Encore, this is the performance stage and surrounding grounds right after a London music festival; with Studio wrapping things up by re-imagining Call of Duty: Black Ops Firing Range, where one can indulge in chaotic combat over several movie sets on a Hollywood backlot. Have you given it a go already?

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