We’ve been hearing about BlackBerry’s upcoming update to its BlackBerry 10 OS, called BlackBerry 10.1, over the past couple of weeks. We saw a leaked image of some of the improvements we’ve been expecting for the updated BlackBerry 10.1, and today, BlackBerry’s CEO Thorston Heins had some news to share concerning the update.

First, Heins pointed out a rather short list of improvements for BlackBerry 10.1, namely its added HDR camera mode, support for contact suggestions, PIN-to-PIN messaging, improvements to BlackBerry Hub to make it more “flowing” and its intuitive keyboard that will support keyboard shortcuts. We’re sure BlackBerry has more in its BlackBerry 10.1 update, but at this time, that’s all they were able to share during BlackBerry Live.

Heins also disclosed when BlackBerry 10.1 would start rolling out to BlackBerry Z10 users, which he says will begin later this month for U.S. carriers, although some International customers should be expecting the update to occur some time today. Considering it’s the middle of the month, that gives us about two weeks for BlackBerry to deliver on its promise, which we also hope they deliver BlackBerry 10.1 prior to Memorial Day since we’re sure you’re going to want to enjoy the updated OS during your time off.

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Announced On2013/01/012013/01/01
Display Diagonal4.2" (10.67 cm)3.1" (7.87 cm)
Processor/Soc NameSnapdragon S4 PlusSnapdragon S4 (LTE version)/ TI OMAP 4470 (Non-LTE)
Max. Total Storage Capacity80 GB80 GB
Megapixels8 Megapixel8 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)1800 mAh2100 mAh
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