realmoneyauction-usLast week some of you guys might have heard that Diablo 3’s auction house experienced a bug which many players have exploited, ultimately increasing the gold and money they made from the auction house and real money auction house. Obviously this was cheating and Blizzard is having none of that, but instead of merely resetting everything back to the way it was, and taking back all the illegal gains that these players obtained through the exploit of the bug, Blizzard has decided to take the money made illegally from the bug (real life money, not gold), and donate the profits to charity!

The money will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and includes the player’s sale proceeds and Blizzard’s transaction fees. Blizzard did not state how much was donated to the charity, but we guess every dollar helps, right? In the meantime Blizzard did state that only a few players had the necessary funds to take full advantage of the exploit, and about 85% of the duplicated gold has since been removed from the game and efforts are underway to remove all the duplicated gold entirely.

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