$T2eC16VHJHIFFhc(iE+pBRfcDrtTr!~~60_57Some of you guys probably know that as a reward to employees who have served with the company for a long time, Blizzard awards them cool artifacts, such as a helm for those who have worked for 20 years or more. At the same time for those who have worked for Blizzard for 10 years, they will receive a sword and shield as recognition, which we have to say is just as cool. Well if you ever wanted to own such an artifact and you thought the only way would be to dedicate yourself to the game developer for a decade, think again as one anonymous Blizzard employee has put the sword and shield reward on eBay with an asking price of $19,999!

This employee of Blizzard received the sword and shield in 2007, which is about 11 years after Blizzard introduced this reward back in 1996, and if you’re wondering who this employee might be, their name will be revealed if you win the bid. It’s pretty awesome and if you’re a huge fan of Blizzard, this is probably a collector’s item you’ll want as part of your collection, but it will definitely cost you.

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