bloodangelNow here is an interesting take on cosplay – namely, a 7-foot tall recreation of the Blood Angel Space Marine from the world of Warhammer 40k. The initial build of the costume was modeled using Pepakura Designer, a software which builds papercraft models using three dimensional data. Most of the costume was constructed using foam and hot glue, ensuring that the wearer is able to move around without feeling as though one is encumbered with a suit of lead. This labor of love took more than 300 hours to build, where it tips the scales at approximately 55 pounds.

All the weapons are slightly larger than what it should be, being approximately 110% the size of what canon taught us, where the rest of the suit has been painted with regular red and black wall paint with the help of some silver spray paint to up the realism ante. Dressing up in this Blood Angel Space Marine suit takes approximately 15 minutes with outside assistance, and there is also a second build of the costume that required another 100 hours which sports glowing eyes and audio which simulates one walking around a floor in a heavy suit.

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