astarThere might have been plenty of buzz surrounding Google Glass for quite some time already, but it will not hit the market for quite some time down the road, and here we are with something which could very well take off in a big way, too – the CastAR glasses that were developed by team which comprises of former Valve employees, where the CastAR glasses will have the sole objective of carrying the future of augmented reality gaming.

The CastAR glasses are the brainchild of Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, who so happen to work under the name Technical Illusions at this point in time. Basically, the CastAR will enable users to experience augmented reality just about anywhere they are, and also on virtually any surface. The glasses will come with mini projectors which will beam images from a connected PC, and subsequently, those images will then be bounced back onto the wearer’s eyes, where active shutters that are located on the glasses will enable the wearer to view such images in 3D glory. Right now, the prototype is obviously crude in nature, but a recent demonstration of it at the Maker Faire proved to be fairly impressive. Here’s hoping to them succeeding in the long run.

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