Fans of the cult-classic Nintendo Gamecube game Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem were probably pleased to hear Nintendo extended its trademark last month, but unfortunately, that has yet to spark any real interest in the company publishing a sequel to the game sometime in the near future. Since Nintendo doesn’t seem to be doing anything with the Eternal Darkness name, development studio Precursor Games has taken it upon themselves to release a spiritual successor called Shadow of the Eternals.

Speaking with IGN, Precursor Games says Shadows of the Eternals is expected to be released on the Wii U and PC initially and will be told through 12 episodes. Precursor Games will be launching a crowdfunding campaign, that is expected to launch later today, asking for a total of $1.5 million to develop the game and will include a variety of stretch goals. If Precursor is able to raise money beyond its initial $1.5 million, that additional money will help in contribute stretch goals that will include future episodes, additional characters, platforms and in-game perks. “The more money that we raise, the more we can deliver, which is a win for everyone,” says Precursor.

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