stem-cell-burgerWhen one mentions exotic and luxurious foods that the rich and famous indulge in, surely caviar would have to be somewhere at the top of the list, where it sells on average of $3,000 to $5,000 per kilo. Well, there are other rarer types of caviar which would fetch far higher market prices quoted per kilo, but we would want to stay on the law of averages for now. The thing is, stem cell hamburgers might be the next indulgence of those who possess bottomless pockets – especially when you consider how a stem cell hamburger might actually cost you a whopping $325,000.

Yes sir, a proof-of-concept lab-grown hamburger is on track to be eaten soon, where this comes about after numerous delays and approximately $325,000 in research and development. Post’s Cultured Beef Project has been in the pipeline at Maastricht University in the Netherlands for some time now, after receiving $325,000 in funding from an anonymous donor. It uses cow muscle stem cells which are then grown into minuscule strips of tissue. It takes several weeks to grow each strip, and you will need approximately 20,000 of these to have enough “meat” to make a single hamburger. Hopefully it tastes good, otherwise, it is more of a novelty experience than anything else.

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