gold-gymHow many of you keep track of your old receipts, and are able to pull it out from an organized and filed box somewhere in your home at a moment’s notice, breaking down the receipt according to the specific time and date? Well, not everyone is an accountant, and some of us prefer to just keep receipts of up to a single month or so, while throwing the rest out with the garbage when we’re done. Thing is, if other companies were to follow Gold’s Gym in issuing receipts, existing systems will need a rethink. Why, you ask? Well, Gold’s Gym intends to introduce a paradigm shift to shoppers so that they will perform their purchases based on health value instead of dollar value.

This brainchild hails from a bunch of students at the Miami Ad School in Brazil, resulting in a unique receipt that depicts the number of calories in your purchases rather than dollars and cents. Obviously, this will work only in supermarkets and if you were to purchase foodstuff, no? It would definitely help folks eat better without having to go through the trouble of keeping track of the calories in each item, right? After all, the hard work has already been done for you.

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