Google Chrome is arguably one of the more popular web browsers currently available as Google is regularly updating its browser to make it better, faster and stronger and one of the ways they may be improving it is by offering in-app payments.

According to developer and Google open-source Chromium evangelist François Beaufort, a new piece of Chromium code called “Make sure the google wallet in-app payment support app is always installed,” was included in the latest build version of Chrome. Developers of course would be able to use in-app purchases to charge customers subscriptions for content such as streaming music or video services, or to collect one-time payments for a number of applications and games, which we’re sure you free-to-play gamers are familiar with by now.

As of now, it’s being expected the in-app payments system will apply to Chrome Package Apps, or web applications that are designed to run natively within Chrome. We just hope this addition doesn’t open the flood gates to making our complete web experience a big in-app purchase nightmare, considering what in-app purchases has done for some mobile games and applications.

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