Google Fiber has been slowly, but surely, expanding itself as Google recently announced it expects to release the service in Provo, Utah in late 2013 and Austin, Texas by 2014. A new city is being announced today as Google Fiber will now expand to Grandview, Missouri.

At this time, Google has yet to reveal when exactly Grandview will begin to get Google Fiber, although in their announcement blog post, they did say “it will still be awhile.” Prior to its expansion into Grandview, Google says they need to “plan and engineer our network there first” which for the most part means the expansion is in its confirmation stages and is nowhere near its actual implementation phase.

The confirmation of Google Fiber’s expansion was solidified on Tuesday evening as the Board of Aldermen voted to bring the service to its community. This makes us wonder what our local town representatives are doing all day as they should be calling Google day and night to get us Fiber ASAP.

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