Now that Google Glass has started making its way to those lucky few who were chosen to receive a pair of its Explorer Edition, we can expect to see some cool visuals in the next couple of months. One of which was just uploaded yesterday onto Joseph Lallouz’s YouTube account.


As you could have guessed from the title of this story, Lallouz takes his Google Glass with him as he plays some ice hockey. The results remind us of the RefCam, which was used to give Rugby fans a first-hand look at the sport. Instead of following a referee, Google Glass allows us to follow a single player and experience what they do while they’re playing their sport of choice.

One of our major concerns for Google Glass is still its reportedly limited battery life and if something like this is to seriously be implemented into sports one day in the future, thirty minutes of battery life while taking video would be one of the things holding back sports fans from enjoying a first-person view of their favorite sport. But, man – it would be a really awesome thirty minutes.

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