Google introduced one of its newest projects yesterday called Timelapse, which allows you to view how a particular part of the earth has changed over the past 28 years. It looks like that isn’t the only new project Google has cooked up as they’ll be introducing what they’re calling “Map Diving.”


The concept of Map Diving is, quite simply, a skydiving simulator that allows its users to immerse themselves into Google Maps by standing in front of several gigantic screens. The “skydiver” can control their descent by moving their bodies as they would if they were really skydiving. Google partnered with Instrument in order to deliver its Map Diving project, which will be on display at the company’s I/O taking place next week.

The way Map Diving is able to work is through a combination of Google’s Chrome, Google’s Maps API and motion-sensing controllers which include Microsoft’s Kinect. We’re not sure if Google plans on releasing its Map Diving feature to the public some time down the line, but considering it requires motion-sensing controllers to be used, we don’t think many people would be able to use it from the get go.

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