google-io-13-0062There were whispers in the past that Google might be working on rolling out their very own music-streaming service, having seen just how big the market with the success of other players in this arena. Well, we are pleased to announce that Google Play Music All Access is now made official at Google I/O 2013, where this particular service will focus a whole lot on personalized recommendations using the “Explore” feature. Similar to other services like, Spotify, Netflix and Pandora, All Access enables one to kick off a radio station even when you are halfway through a particular track. Love being in control at all times? The presence of an in-depth control section lets you do away with songs that are not quite your cup of tea.

It seems that the pricing structure of $9.99 per month is set to have others who occupy the same market segment look over their shoulders with what Google has done with Google Play Music All Access, considering the rather competitive nature of it. The million (or billion, in this day and age) dollar question would be, just how large will the music library be for it to put up a worthy challenge? 13 countries are in the running to enjoy Google Play Music All Access at first, and I am quite sure that others are well on the way. Check out the other images in a gallery right after the jump.

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