Google Rumored To Have Inked Big Deals For New Music Service


Rumor has it that Google is going to unveil its music streaming service at I/O 2013. It is being said that the company has inked licensing deals with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group for both Google Play Store and YouTube, and that it plans to add separate music subscription services to both of them. It was also previously rumored that Google has signed a deal with Warner Music Group, if true, this would mean that Google would launch its streaming service with an impressive library of music.

Rumor has it that Google’s music streaming service will be similar to Spotify, allowing users to stream music on-demand on mobile devices and PCs. Whatever the case may be, fact remains that if Google announces its service first, it is going to get a head start on Apple. The Cupertino based company has also been rumored to be working on a music streaming service similar to Pandora which is apparently going to be unveiled at WWDC 2013. Not only that, Google’s venture could have a big impact on existing services, as the company already has a phenomenal user base towards which it can aggressively market its new music streaming service.

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