google-900mGoogle’s mobile operating system project known as Android has certainly hit unprecedented heights, which would certainly have the likes of Nokia and Windows Phone 8 looking on enviously. In fact, Google announced that they have hit the milestone of activating 900 million Android devices to date ever since the launch of the platform, apart from seeing a whopping 48 billion apps being installed along the way.

Needless to say, such massive figures would clearly place Google as the largest player in the smartphone market, which is definitely larger than the chunk under Apple’s iOS command. Who would have thought that the underdog all those years ago, managed to survive the odds and make the journey from ugly duckling to being a beautiful swan? We look forward to Google crossing the 1 billion device activation mark in due time, where that ought to spark another round of celebration for sure. Are you an Android device owner, or are you planning to get an Android device for yourself anytime soon?

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