Google has created a bunch of products, some of them end up being extremely popular , while the others, not so much. We’re not sure where their newest product will stand, but it’s certainly one that is cool nonetheless.

Google has unveiled its latest project called Timelapse, which quite simply allows you to view different parts of the earth to see how they’ve changed in the past 28 years. If you’re not sure what parts of the world you should be checking out, Google highlights a number of areas such as the Columbia glacier retreat, Las Vegas’ urban growth or Dubai’s coastal expansion.

The way Google is able to offer this new service is due to its partnership with NASA and the U.S. Geological Society, which both agencies have been gathering high-resolution images of the earth for the past 40 years. So for those of you who probably thought Google was really watching us since the 1980s, it looks like you were kind of right since they partnered with other agencies in order to provide its Timelapse project.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s about time I see how much neighborhoods I’ve lived in have changed over the past 28 years.

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