gosleepTraveling might sound fun to the uninitiated, but when you have been living out of your suitcase for the longest time already, there is nothing quite like shacking it up at home. The thing is, if your work still requires you to travel, you cannot avoid airports. The waiting time at airports can be rather excruciatingly painful and slow if you do not happen to have access to the numerous member airlines’ lounges or a Priority Pass, and when you need to take a much needed nap to sleep off the effort that your brain has put in to work on that million dollar presentation, there is no hotel room nearby. Well, it is nice to see the Abu Dhabi Airport feature what they call the GoSleep pods – which is a chair that can be folded out into a bed, not to mention sport a roll over cover to offer some privacy from all the noise and prying eyes of passing travellers.

It would be best you use your time in the GoSleep pod to well, actually sleep considering how it costs you $13 an hour, instead of using the incorporated Internet access and display to check on your Facebook profile.

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