2013-05-07-15.14.46-645x250Prior to Instagram becoming famous and synonymous with photos with filters excessively applied to them, there was Hipstamatic which pretty much offered the same thing. It’s safe to say that that app has since taken a backseat to Instagram, but now the company is back with a new app called Oggl which they hope will provide Instagram with a worthy competitor.


The difference between Oggl and Hipstamatic is how unlike the latter, Oggl will allow the user a greater degree of control over the filters and lenses used in the app, allowing them to make changes before and after the photo is taken. When a photo has been taken, they will then be able to upload them to Oggl’s social networking website where it can be viewed by other Oggl users based on popularity or geo-location.

Just like Hipstamatic, Oggl users will be able to gain access to a variety of lenses and filters, but unlike HIpstamatic, Oggl will be subscription-based at $0.99 a month, giving users access to the entire range of lenses and filters, whilst Hisptamatic charged a one-off fee for a particular lens pack and filter. At the moment the app/service is invite-only with a wait-list to get in, and is only available for iOS at the moment.

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