Intel is in the news today for reasons other than upcoming processors. Reuters claims that a leaked internal email suggests that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has re-organized various groups with in the company and also created a “new devices” group. Brian has apparently initiated this re-organization shortly after taking over from long time CEO Paul Otellini. No major details are available as yet regarding this new unit, it is not even known for now what exactly this unit is supposed to be doing.

Perhaps this unit will be tasked with convincing manufacturers of current and upcoming products that their devices will be better off with Intel’s chips. One far fetched speculation can be that perhaps Intel is looking in to manufacturing entire devices of its own, expanding its product line from chips to actual devices such as mobiles or tablets? The latter seems less likely to be honest. For all we know, the “new devices” unit may be tasked with manufacturing products for new emerging technologies. It is also being reported that ex Apple and Palm employee Mike Bell will be at the helm of this unit. The company is yet to comment on this.

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