iOS '86You might recall a couple of days ago, alleged details of Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 were revealed, and amongst the rumors, it was also suggested that due to the extensive overhaul brought to the operating system that it could potentially see a delay in launch. For those who might be a bit worried over this potential delay, you might want to rest easy because according to anonymous informants who tipped off the folks at AllThingsD, it seems that the latest update to the OS will be on time and that there will be no delay.

The report has suggested that team members from the other software divisions at Apple have been gathered to help speed up the process of getting iOS 7 ready on time, similar to what they did back in 2007 when members from OS X 10.5 Leopard were tasked to help the iPhone team get the device and operating system ready for its launch. As expected iOS 7 is set to make its debut at WWDC which will be taking place next month. A release for the operating system remains unknown, although if Apple were to keep to their tradition, the update would be released around the same time as the next-gen iPhone.

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