Early last month, we managed to check out Jolla’s Sailfish mobile operating system in a demonstration by none other than Jolla CEO Marc Dillon, and of course, it proved to be quite an eye opener as to what we can look forward to sometime down the road. Interestingly enough, you can say that Adaia has something in common with Jolla, where the former too, was founded by ex-Nokia employees, although the latter decided to develop their own user interface based on the MeeGo platform in a smartphone built from ground up. It seems that the Sailfish operating system will be introduced to the world this coming May 20th.

You can tell at the end of the teaser video above that May 20th is the date which you ought to bookmark, since it finishes with the words “I am the other half. All will be revealed on 20th of May.” Assuming the first sentence will have a pointed reference to hardware, what other thing would go down with that other than software? Are you excited to see whether another player in the mobile operating system market is able to make a splash?

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