kartelecSo you think that you have what it takes to be the next legend on the track? Well, your surname might not be Schumacher, and neither do you have the slick skills of a Sebastian Vettel, but you figure out that the lack of natural talent, skill, and pure guts can be compensated by sheer passion alone. Unfortunately, you are wrong on those accounts, too, and would be better off by seeing whether you have the aptitude for racing through the participation of Go Kart races. If you so happen to be in France, you might want to check out Kartelec 2013, where battery-powered go-karts will blaze the track in Vierzon, France, later this month.

This is an international educational event which will pit over 40 e-karts that were all designed and built by students from high schools, universities and engineering schools. Hmmm, sounds like the human version of podracing, no? The competition will happen on a 300-meter track, as students take part in a range of challenges including a 50-meter drag race, the fastest lap times, as well as a couple of endurance runs which will run for two and four hours, respectively.

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