lg-hd-oxideOver at SID 2013, the folks over at Engadget have managed to snap some photos of what could possibly be one of the wonders of the technological world, namely LG’s flexible OLED display. Of course, to keep that unique flexible display, we also have the LG HD Oxide that was on parade. Of course, there is this particular pride from LG concerning how this 5” High Definition display might still be in the prototype stage, but it has already managed to garner its fair share of attention over time. Just how did LG pull this off with the HD Oxide display? Well, it seems that this 5” display will make use of TFT Oxide technology that consumes very little juice, not to mention allowing it to come with an extremely slim profile.

Similar to the 5” flexible display, this particular model comes with a 1mm bezel that will rely on IPS technology so that one is able to enjoy superior viewing angles. So far, the display at SID 2013 has been rated at 250 nits, although LG definitely has plans to bump the brightness level up before it is ready to roll out in the market.

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