lg-freezerLG has just unveiled the largest freezer in South Korea – where it goes by the model number F-A311GCS, and will sport a capacity of a whopping 316 liters. The LG F-A311GCS is said to be an energy efficient refrigerator that boasts of an effective storage capacity of 316 liters, allowing it to stash away a wide range of foods that range from cereals to fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, among others. In fact, large amounts of food are able to be frozen in a jiffy, thanks to the kind of innovative technology from LG.

This stylish and yet energy saving fridge will sport an eye catching metallic finish, not to mention having a LED display that ought to draw interest from many a person. You are able to control the temperature within from -25 to 17 degrees Celsius using the LED display, which is pretty neat and futuristic for sure. Other functions of the freezer, too, can be controlled and manipulated via the LED display without having to open up the fridge door very often.

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