lg-google-nexus-4-white--06Since October of 2012, we’ve been hearing about a possible Nexus 4 coming in white color. After some image leaks in January, then again earlier this month, the white Nexus 4 went on sale in India just hours before its official announcement by LG itself (if missed this, LG builds the Nexus 4 for Google).  From here, you can probably guess what we got our hands on… That’s right, and by now you probably want to know what it looks like in the real world. Well here is a clean photo gallery of the device and its white bumper.

Besides the color, it is just like the original Nexus 4 (black), and it feels the same. Nothing seems to have changed from a design perspective. Obviously, we expect this unit to come with the latest version of Android, but that’s mostly it. It may not be 100% visible on the photos, but the “white” color is actually more of a “Pearl  white” that is a little more “warm” (red) when compared to the LG Optimus G which has a real white color (maybe even blue-ish).

From the front, both black and white version look nearly identical, but I find the white Nexus 4 to be much less prone to dust and fingerprint than the black one. It’s not like there is less of it, but it’s not visible, and to me this is important since my pockets seem to be an endless source of dust. The white Nexus should be available in Hong Kong tomorrow, and it will gradually show up elsewhere after that.

If you are not familiar with the Nexus 4, we recommend reading our complete Nexus 4 review of the device. Let us know what you think.

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