logitech-lolWhile we have already established that Plantronics is the exclusive provider of gaming headsets for the League of Legends Season 3 Championship, here we are with word that Logitech’s Logitech G will be the official keyboard at the event, and that should bring a smile to the faces of those involved considering the solid build quality that the Logitech G brings along with it. Logitech is pleased to announce that there is a bunch of hardware features which are now supported directly in the League of Legends client, where among these new features will include the entirety of G-keys in their collection of mice, keyboards and headsets being selectable as bindable keys directly in the in-game interface. Not only that, the multi-color LED lighting in the new Logitech G510s and G19s keyboards will be able to switch to indicate the color of your team, and this will also include colorblind mode.

The Logitech G510s and G19s GamePanel LCD will also show constantly updated stats that are normally available only in the character subscreen, ranging from cool-down reduction to stats that were not viewable previously, including gold per minute. More information at your disposal would certainly help you make better decisions down the road. All in all, it sure as heck looks like an exciting championship is on the cards! [Press Release]

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