If you think that Sony’s DualShock controller for their home video game console is the bee’s knees, it is a good idea to think again. After all, wasn’t Sony the one to laugh at Nintendo when the latter came up with the Wii, calling it all sorts of names before they too, jumped aboard the motion controller bandwagon? Well, it seems that Mad Genius Controllers has a totally different idea on how the Sony DualShock controller should be, by relying on its camera-less sensor technology to get the job done.

This would mean the controller is capable of recognizing user movements and mimic them within the game that you are currently indulging in. Definitely one of the most notable examples would be how one is able to split the controller into two to, say, fire a bow and arrow, before joining both back to continue gaming. I guess it is a wireless version of the Wiimote and nunchuk, except that this is wireless. A quartet of tiny transmitters are then mounted around a TV in order to track user’s movements, and according to Mad Genius Controllers, the technology used is accurate to 0.254mm (which is rather small compared to 1mm for the Xbox Kinect).

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