Madden 25 Anniversary Edition Pre-Order Bonus Offers Free NFL Sunday Ticket


Madden fans will know this year will mark the 25th year anniversary for EA’s most beloved sports video game franchise, and they’re making a pretty big deal of it with this year’s Madden 25. Normally, EA would sell standard editions of their latest Madden game on current generation consoles, PC, handhelds and mobile devices, but seeing as this is a pretty big year for the Madden franchise, they’re going all out with a special Anniversary Edition of their upcoming game.

For Madden 25, EA is making a $99.99 Anniversary Edition of the game available at a number of retailers, but the pre-order bonus Amazon is offering with their customers’ purchase of the game is one we’re sure football fans are going to want to jump on immediately. In addition to providing additional in-game content, Amazon has teamed up with DirecTV to offer a $10 discount on a new subscribers’ monthly bill which also includes NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.

Those of you who aren’t able to watch DirecTV due to the service not being available can use the code Amazon provides in its Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition to watch a season-long trial of NFL Sunday Ticket. In this case, since you can’t watch DirecTV, you’ll be able to stream it on a number of other devices.

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