zannierThere has been some pretty zany projects in the past that we have seen on Kickstarter, and all of them are vying for the attention (and of course, money) of the masses in order to make the project a reality when a sufficient amount of money has been collected. The thing is, here is one particularly “crazy” idea – where a certain Federico Zannier intends to do something unprecedented, by offering his own personal data to corporations for $2 per day over at Kickstarter. In fact, Zannier data mined himself and recorded all of his online activity for whichever company that thinks it is worth something.

This is definitely a pioneering idea, where digital users might eventually see the need to retake their rights and leverage the value of their personal data. Zannier has started on this project since February this year, where he has kept track of his entire online activity. I wonder whether companies would pay more for the more “private and personal” online adventures for some. Some of the activities recorded include the different HTML pages visited, mouse pointer position, screenshots of what he was looking at, webcam images of him in front of his computer, GPS location, and a log of the apps that was used. Do you think this idea will be able to catch on in the long run?

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