surface-rt-coversNew versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro may have been introduced in Japan earlier this week, one of which comes with a 256GB HD, but here in the U.S., Microsoft looks like they’re trying their best to improve sales of its more limited Surface RT.


Microsoft is announcing starting today, those who purchase a Surface RT tablet in the U.S. and Canada can walk about with a free Touch Cover, Touch Cover Limited Edition, or Type Cover. The inclusion of a cover for the Surface would normally cost somewhere between $100 – $129 depending on which you select, making this quite the deal, that is, if you really want a Surface RT over the Surface Pro.

The free cover offer is only available for a limited time, but Microsoft has yet to reveal just how limited a time this offer will experience as they make no mention of its end within a published blog post. Either way, a discount is still a discount and those who were already considering purchasing a Surface RT can now get a completely free cover with their purchase.

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