Microsoft Registers Xbox Fusion Domain Names, Possible Name For Next Gen Xbox?We know that come 21st of May, there is a good chance that Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox will be unveiled. At the moment many people are referring to the console as the Xbox 720 which seems like a logical progression from the Xbox 360, although it was not too long ago that speculation pointed towards the next-gen Xbox being called the Xbox Infinity. While that may or may not a possibility, it seems that Microsoft has registered a couple of new domains recently (spotted by Fusible) with the name “Xbox Fusion”, giving rise to the speculation that the console might be called the Xbox Fusion instead.

Of course this Fusion name could be related to anything, it could be the name for a new service Microsoft plans to debut with the next-gen Xbox, although one domain investor seems to be pretty certain that this could be the name of the next-gen Xbox. Either way take what you will from this, but what do you guys think of the Xbox Fusion name? Or do you prefer the previous suggestions such as Xbox Infinity or Xbox 720?

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