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Microsoft Research Works On Interactive Work ID Badge

ms-id-cardJust about anyone and everyone who works would carry some sort of ID card at the office, mainly for identification as well as security purposes. I still smile whenever I remember Happy from Iron Man 3 asking everyone to make sure that they have their security badges on, and here we are with word that Microsoft Research intends to up the ante where a normal ID card is concerned. After all, most of these ID cards display your name, position, and photo on a single piece of plastic, but Microsoft Research wants to do a whole lot more by rolling out what they call “An Interactive Belt-worn Badge with a Retractable String-based Input Mechanism.”

Yes sir, that is certainly quite a mouthful, but basically, this is a tricked out ID card that will feature a small LCD display which can be connected to a belt loop using a string. This would ensure that it is a whole lot faster to access compared to pulling out a smartphone from your pants pocket or handbag. As you can see in the image above, the prototype looks like a pager of sorts, where it was also demonstrated to show off a 2D map of the campus where the employee currently works at. We definitely hope that the final design will be polished to look far sleeker though.

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