nokia-lumia-920-catwalkWe had previously heard the rumors that Nokia is interested in creating a phablet device of their own to compete against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note, and recently the folks at MobileToday have learnt via their sources that the previous rumor could be true. According to their sources, Nokia is pegged to release the rumored device in the fourth quarter of 2013 and apparently it might even be bigger than the Galaxy Note 2 at 6”, unless of course Samsung decides to up the ante with the Galaxy Note 3 which has been rumored to sport a 5.9” Full HD display.

MobileToday has also learnt that the device could be tentatively priced around £400 (~$621) and £500 (~$777), definitely putting it in the range of a high-end device. Apart from that we’re not sure what sort of specs we are looking at, but considering that there are signs suggesting that Microsoft will begin supporting 1080p Full HD displays in the next Windows Phone update, a 6” Full HD Windows Phone device would definitely be an interesting one, don’t you think?

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