mwezi-lightMany of us take stuff like piped water and an uninterrupted supply of electricity for granted, but for those who are living in developing countries, there are some who happen to live without having constant access to such simple and essential creature comforts. What is one to do, then? The Mwezi Light is a spanking new project that intends to collect the necessary amount of funds over on Kickstarter, and this is one cause that you should pay more attention to since it would also create much-needed jobs along the way – other than offering a solution as a safe, reliable light, of course.

Folks living in rural Africa still depend on kerosene as a light source and cooking fuel, which could prove to be dangerous when used indoors since kerosene produces toxic emissions which could eventually lead to health and environmental problems. Creator Mike Sherry said, “Mwezi is a problem solving product that will have a life enhancing impact on the poor and vulnerable.” It can be assembled in Africa despite being made in the UK, and the Mwezi boasts of the potential ability to create jobs and save lives, too. It is said that the Mwezi sports a compact solar panel that gathers the necessary juice required to run both Cree XLamp XP-C LEDs, and is capable of producing light for different intensity levels.

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