nasa-greenJust in case you think that the earth is extremely dirty and sick, and is in serious need of a clean up, wait until you see the amount of debris as well as junk in space. NASA is thinking of cleaning up their act – which is good, especially since you might incur the wrath of other life forms who see humans as nothing but a polluting species to be exterminated. Over the years since 1970, spacecraft had always relied on a fuel known as hydrazine to help propel them through space. Boasting plenty of raw power, hydrazine is highly flammable and emits a tremendous amount of heat, although the drawbacks would be it being highly toxic, regardless of whether you inhale it or should it come into contact with your skin.

Scientists from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research could very well have stumbled upon a replacement fuel which is safer than hydrazine, and a whole lot cleaner, too, where they have called it the energetic ionic liquid, or EIL for short. Ionic liquids are actually salt compounds that come in liquid form, and their molecules that contain either a positive or negative charge will bond them together more tightly and as a result, make them a whole lot more stable and easy to handle. Now to move on to warp drive technology…

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