This month, the Netflix Streaming Library is shaving off some serious weight. Over 1700 titles are going to expire this month, meaning that they will no longer be available for streaming. One of the reasons for this is that Netflix’s many deals with studios such as Warner Bros., MGM and Universal are expiring. Another is the fact that Netflix is focusing a lot of its energy, and money, towards original programming. If you’ve had a glimpse of Netflix’s House of Cards, you’ll know just how dedicated they are to developing original content, since they sunk in some $100 million just to produce this show and boy has it done wonders!

Some of the titles that are expiring this month include Goldfinger and Dr.No of James Bond fame, 15 South Park seasons, and classics like The Delinquents, Gregory’s Girl and Thieves Like Us. InstantWatch has the entire list of titles, 1794 to be precise, that are no longer going to be available. Netflix will also be adding some 500 new titles today, so there’s no need to think that they will be running out of titles to stream.

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