iphone-5-review-04-640x426It was just the other day that the T-Mobile and MetroPCS deal was complete, essentially merging both companies into a single entity. While we expect that MetroPCS customers are eager to see what sort of deals they can get after merging with one of the major carriers in the US, one “perk” that they will not be getting in the near future would be an iPhone. T-Mobile only recently managed to sign a deal with Apple in which they are finally able to offer their customers the iPhone 5, making them the last of the four major carriers to do so.

We guess many had rightfully assumed that after the merger, MetroPCS customers should be able to get an iPhone if they wanted, but it turns out that will not be the case. When T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere was asked in an interview with AllThingsD on when the iPhone would make its way to MetroPCS customers, Legere responded by saying no. He claimed that this involved marketing and how to position the iPhone for MetroPCS’ prepaid customers, and also how that it involved Apple, perhaps getting their permission to offer the phone under the MetroPCS branding.

Either way while it is somewhat of a bummer for MetroPCS customers, the possibility is not completely ruled out. Just don’t expect to see an iPhone being offered under the MetroPCS branding in the near future.

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