Nokia-808-PureView-White_back-and-frontWe’ve been hearing rumors about the Nokia EOS smartphone, supposedly a Nokia Lumia device equivalent to the 808 PureView, except with Windows Phone calling the shots. We’re sure many are wondering what the device might look like, and with the announcement of the Lumia 925 with metal elements and a slightly thinner form factor, will that be the route that Nokia is headed with the EOS device? Well apparently not, because according to one of WMPoweruser’s readers, they have apparently managed to get a sneak peek at the Nokia EOS and according to their description:


The device is made of polycarbonate, and is about as thick as the Nokia Lumia 920 in the middle, but is highly tapered at both ends, giving the impression of a much slimmer device.

The lens housing is round in shape and does not protrude much. The flash is Xenon, and the flash and lens are both smaller than the Nokia 808 Pureview. Next to the flash is a small red LED which may be a focus assist light.

The lens also has an automatic cover that opens when the camera app is started.

The number of megapixels were not marked on the prototype, with “XX megapixels” only being written on the lens housing.

There is a new camera app called “Nokia Pro Camera”with a completely new interface. There is also manual focus available through the app. The regular photo app is also available.

The screen size and resolution is same as 920, and appears to be AMOLED. The speaker holes are at the bottom as the handset.

The handset was much lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920.

Of course we cannot vouch for the legitimacy of this claim, but it’s probably the best description we have of it at the moment. Take it with a grain of salt, but hopefully we will be able to see some leaked photos in the near future. In the meantime what do you guys make of it? Do you think this sounds like it could be the Nokia EOS?

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