The other day Nokia officially took the wraps off the Lumia 928 handset which was designated for Verizon. However the Finnish company still has an event planned for the 14th of May in London, and it seems that they are currently airing ads in the UK in which they tease that a new Nokia Lumia is coming. Considering the Lumia 928 has been announced, we guess we can cross that off the list, leaving us to wonder what does Nokia have up their sleeves?

Due to the wording of the ad, it has been suggested that we could only be seeing a single Lumia device being announced, as opposed to multiple in which some believed the Nokia EOS, Nokia Catwalk and Nokia Lumia 925 could be announced. For those hearing about these devices for the first time, the EOS is said to be Nokia’s Lumia version of the 808 PureView, while the Lumia 925 is apparently the international version of the Lumia 928. In any case the event will be taking place tomorrow, so if you’re curious check back with us then! In the meantime you can check out the teaser ad in the video above.

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