While those of us living in developed countries are taking running water and stable electricity as a given, there are some countries in the world where having a steady and reliable power source is not as readily available. Panasonic is hoping to do something about that and to mark the company’s 100th anniversary, Panasonic has announced their plans to distribute 100,000 solar lanterns that the company has developed to developing countries where stable electricity might not be available. These lanterns will be solar-powered and not only have they been designed to provide a light source, but they are also able to pack enough juice to charge mobile phones and smaller devices. This is not the first time that Panasonic has done something like this as back in 2012, the Japanese company donated 2,000 solar lanterns to Cambodia for use in organizations that were volunteering their time there. More information about Panasonic’s efforts can be found on its website, along with the video above.

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