pelican-16Pelican Imaging’s CEO Chris Pickett recently shared that the company has a product up their sleeves that is currently undergoing trials by device manufacturers, and this particular product is tipped to arrive in at least one new smartphone when 2014 rolls around. We are talking about a 16 lens array camera here people, and this would definitely up the ante further when it comes to smartphone cameras and their capabilities. It does make one wonder, however, will dedicated entry level digital cameras be rendered obsolete one of these days with the continued advancements made in the world of smartphone cameras?

Well, here is a bit of speculation on the part of Engadget – considering how carrier testing alone can take up to half a year, and 2013 is just about to touch the halfway mark not too long after this month, it would most probably mean that Pelican Imaging and a smartphone manufacturing company have already come to an agreement. Which smartphone company do you think would be the one to feature Pelican Imaging’s innards first?

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