philips-quadcoreWhenever one talks about smartphones, the name Philips would definitely not pop up on anyone’s radar. After all, this is a company that churned out regular feature phones in the past, and even then they did not manage to make quite a name for themselves, either, as back then, Nokia proved to be the 800 lbs gorilla that everyone wanted to topple. Fast forward to today, and we have phones which come with far more cores than your desktop processor had at the turn of this century, and Philips looks set to jump aboard the quad-core mobile phone category with a new 1.2GHz quad-core processor that will work in tandem with Philips’ traditional Xenium battery performance, resulting in the Philips W8510.

Chances are pretty good that the Philips W8510 would be the quad-core mobile phone with the longest stand-by time on the market, although this would mean in all probability that this is going to be extremely limited in its functionality compared to other smartphones in the market. We do know that it will come in a metallic coating finish as well as a 4.7″ HD display, but other than that, details remain pretty scant. Hopefully more details will be revealed in due time. [Press Release]

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