We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a possible plastic iPhone which will apparently be the material used to construct Apple’s alleged low-cost iPhone. Considering that the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 made use of premium materials like glass and aluminum, going back to plastic feels like taking a step backwards, but then again we guess that’s one way to keep costs down. The question is, is having a plastic iPhone such a bad thing? After all, the iPhone 3GS featured a plastic body too and it wasn’t a bad phone, and thanks to design Ran Avni, a plastic iPhone 6 concept has been cooked up and we have to say that it looks good!

Essentially it borrows the design idea from the iPhone 5, keeping the back, front and sides of the device black for a more uniform look, with the exception being that it now features a plastic body. Of course this is only a concept so it’s hard to say if it will feel just as good as the real thing, but in any case it is impressive and if the rumored plastic iPhone were to look like that, we say why not! If you’ve got a minute to spare, check it out in the video above.

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