rare-manualWe’ve seen some rare video games which collectors are apparently willing to pay upwards of $10,000 for, but a video game manual that costs over $1,000? That would indeed be rare, as in a rare manual and the fact that some collectors are actually willing to pay for it! As you can see in the image above, that video game manual belongs to an old Nintendo N64 game by the name of Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut, which is a limited edition version of the game that was exclusive to Blockbuster rental stores.

What makes this an even more impressive feat is that considering that Blockbuster is a rental store, it is safe to say that manuals and games exchange many hands and we wouldn’t be surprised if games and manuals came back dirty or even a little damaged. Surprisingly this manual is apparently in a near-mint condition, making it pretty impressive, that and the fact that it’s over 15 years old is a testament to whoever’s been keeping it in its great condition. This is not the first time such a manual has been sold as a copy earlier this year was sold for $1,100, and at the moment this particular auction is sitting at $1,023.

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